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Artists – Want to see your art used in the news?
Get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you!
No fee.
No loss of copyright.
We only use art from artists who have given their permission or who have sadly passed away and their art has become public domain.
Your art image will only be used on gongonews and its associated social media accounts.

If we are approached by Disney to use your art in a new movie we will pass their details on to you.
We won’t ever share your details.

News article will link back to one of your Twitter account, website, Etsy, Ebay or Facebook, if you so wish.

Simply send a jpg of around 600 pixels in width and whatever the height works out to be.
(we can help with this part if you need)

What news story will it be featured with?
No one knows, its random.
But if you really don’t like it we can delete it.

Get in touch
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Have a favourite piece of art you’d like to see featured with a headline?
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