Väinämöinen playing by Rudolf Åkerblom (1885)

Man in shark head costume falls foul of Austria anti-veil law

A business is fined after a man wore a shark mask as part of a promotional campaign in Vienna.

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Promenade dans la forêt by Tomasz Łosik (1883)

Norway will pay their male and female football teams the same

Norway's male and female football teams will receive the same pay for representing the country, the Norwegian football association announces.

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American Progress by John Gast (1872)

Faroe Islands launch live translation service

North Atlantic islands start their own online translation service in a bid to get recognition from Google.

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The Bully of the Neighbourhood by John George Brown (1866)

Japanese lottery winners get ‘collectable’ manhole covers

“Drainspotters” rush to buy decorative drain covers from Japanese city.

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The First Harvest in the Wilderness by Asher Brown Durand (ca1855)

Butterfly swarm shows up on Denver radar system

Weather scientists first mistook the radar pattern to be birds, and turned to social media for help.

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A huntsman and dogs by Winslow Homer (1891)

Leopard that shut down India Suzuki factory is caught

Wildlife rescuers tranquilised the big cat after combing the car manufacturing plant for hours.

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Ponte della Paglia, Venedig by Maurice Prendergast (1899)

Saudi king’s golden escalator gets stuck

King Salman suffers a technical malfunction when arriving for talks in Russia.

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Madison Square by Maurice Prendergast (1901

Toronto Zoo’s tumbling panda cubs

The Canadian zoo releases a compilation video of their giant panda cubs falling and tumbling.

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Les Dindons, Pont-Aven by Paul Gauguin (1888)

Huyang trees in China turn to gold

This forest of Huyang trees is a big tourist attraction for its autumn leaves.

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The Football Players by Henri Rousseau (1908)

Anti-nuclear weapons group Ican wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel committee says “the risk of nuclear weapons is greater than it has been for a long time”.

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